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What size draft beer system or homebrew kegerator do I need?

If you are considering a personal draft beer system, homebrew kegerator, or where to buy a kegerator, there are a few things to consider first. Do you entertain a lot? Do you have a large sports fanatic circle? Do you have the space or environment to host the kegerator? These are just a few possible concerns when trying to figure out what size would be best. We have two to ten tap systems. The average system has two to four taps. Usually, a two tap system would be plenty for just private consumption with an occasional friend or two stopping by. If you are like me, and you like to have a back up keg or two, you may want to consider a four tap system just for the space with only two taps. If you have plenty of room and a large friend circle of beer drinkers, you will want to consider a four to six tap system or larger. Especially is you are a craft brewer. In that case the six to ten tap system would offer plenty of room for back up kegs and new beers.

See the builder tool to get started.

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