About Craigerator

Craig Elliott - Cheers!Hi, my name is Craig Elliott, founder of Craigerator brand kegerators. Our headquarters are located in a small coastal town called Ocean Isle Beach, NC. As a Nano brewer myself for the past 10 years, I have learned a lot. A lot of what to do and what Not to do. Any brewer will tell you there are many lessons to be learned in brewing. Lots of ways to do many things. We all have our own style. But one thing remains constant, we all want a nice system to show case our hand crafted beer products. This is where Craigerator comes in. Our systems can be custom tailored to your style and needs. Feel free to view our Showroom for system ideas, or build your own using our Build Your Own Craigerator tool. Thanks for stopping by.

For the love of beer,

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